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Local Food Subscriptions

Root Cellar offers three local food subscriptions to make healthy, local eating convenient and affordable. 

Enjoy The Benefits! 

  • Become a pro in the kitchen with weekly tips and recipes right in your inbox 

  • Avoid the hassle of grocery shopping with quick in-store pickup or home delivery  

  • Create a schedule that fits your lifestyle with weekly and bi-weekly options, plus unlimited vacations!

  • Add local favorites to your pickup or delivery with our online storefront!

  • Explore the freshest in-season fruits and vegetables 

  • Feed your family healthy natural food

  • Feel great about supporting small family farmers 


Bounty Box $35

Bounty Box is Root Cellar’s local produce experience. Subscribers receive 8 to 12 of the freshest local produce items available. Experience favorites like berries, greens, squash, tomatoes, and more.

Ploughman's Box $40

Ploughman’s Box is inspired by the English Ploughman’s Lunch and is Root Cellar’s solution for those looking for a little bit of everything. Subscribers receive 4 to 6 staple produce times, 1 high-quality meat cut, and 1 artisan specialty.


Barnyard Box $45

Barnyard Box is Root Cellar's solution for omnivores. Members receive a half-gallon of milk, a dozen farm-fresh eggs, as well as 2 high-quality meat cuts like ground beef, bacon, whole chicken, or pork steak, and cheese or a specialty dairy item.
Note: Choose our new Paleo option to substitute milk and cheese for one additional meat.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Use a Local Food Subscription to Purchase Groceries?

You’ll be enjoying the best food Missouri can offer while ensuring that farmers can earn a good living. Keeping farmers on the land while getting convenient access to healthy local food is a win-win.

How Does It Work?

Subscribers can pick up their box at Root Cellar on Thursday, Friday, or Saturday or have it delivered during a predesignated time. A weekly newsletter provides easy recipes, cooking tips, and seasonal specials. Additionally, subscribers receive 10% off all other purchases made at Root Cellar at any time.

How Much Food Can I Expect?

The Bounty and Barnyard Boxes together are designed to provide produce, meat, and dairy for a family of four that eats at home regularly. The Bounty Box is a great option for two vegetarians. The Ploughman’s Box incorporates the best aspects of our Bounty and Barnyard Boxes in quantities more accessible for smaller households and those who eat fewer meals at home. Sign up to participate in any combination to enjoy more local foods. The choice is yours!

What Is My Commitment?

When you enroll, you're committing to purchase a minimum of 4 boxes. We offer several convenient payment options, but please note that all subscriptions are paid one week in advance.

What If I Can’t Get My Box Every Week?

At sign-up, you will be able to choose weekly or bi-weekly subscriptions. For additional convenience, we allow unlimited vacation holds so you can create a subscription schedule that fits your lifestyle. Note: Holds must be placed on your account by midnight Sunday before your next pick-up/delivery.

Can I Alternate Between Different Box Types?

Yes! By choosing to receive a box Bi-Weekly and using the A option for one box and the B option for another, you would be receiving a box each week but alternating types. You can also use this schedule to get two boxes one week and one box the next or any combination you can imagine.

Do You Deliver?

Yes! Root Cellar delivers in Columbia, Jefferson City, and Ashland. We will deliver your subscription to your door for a $5 delivery fee (plus a $5 insulated tote deposit). You can also utilize our online store to add items to your delivery.​

Root Cellar now offers Curbside pickup on Thursday from 2:30 PM to 7:00 PM for no additional charge. Please ensure your account is set up for auto payments and call at least 15 minutes in advance at 573 443 5055. 

Can I Manage My Account Online?

Yes! Root Cellar’s online system includes auto-billing, subscription holds, easy communication, and a web store for adding additional items to your pick-up/delivery.

What if There Are Items In My Box I Don’t Want or Can’t Use?

We provide food allergy substitutions for gluten, soy, nuts, corn, pork, and eggs. For customers who pick up in-store, you have the opportunity to trade items you dislike with other subscribers via the “Trading Post.”


Signing Up – When you sign up, a secure, online member profile is created for you with your subscription, pick-up/delivery information, and account activity. By signing in, you can view and edit your account, order additional items, and schedule a vacation hold. Changes to subscription type or schedule must be sent to and will take at least 7 days to process. 

Payments – Subscriptions are paid in advance of delivery/pick up. When your last paid subscription is picked up, we bill your credit or debit card for the following box. It's automatic, and you will be notified by email. We do not store your personal or financial information on our website. Farmigo runs our order site, and your data is stored securely by If you choose to pay for your subscription in-store, payment for your box must be made by 5 PM Saturday the week prior, or your account will be placed on hold until payment is received. Also, please note that Root Cellar has weekly, 4-week, and 12-week payment options. Payment management is the responsibility of subscribers. Root Cellar will not process refunds for subscription balances or unused account credits. 

Order Pick Up - Please remember to pick up your order or have a friend or family member do so. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday boxes will be held at Root Cellar until 5 PM Saturday. If we do not hear from you and you forget or cannot pick up your box, it will be donated to a charity of our choice. We're sorry, but we cannot hold boxes beyond Saturday or give a credit for boxes not picked up but don't worry, the products will not go to waste.

Vacations and Pick-Up Changes – You may put your subscription on hold by logging into your account. You are allowed an unlimited number of vacations for your convenience. Please schedule vacations before midnight on Sunday of your next pick-up/delivery. Once the deadline has passed, you will be committed to receiving your box for that week. Your credit/debit card will not be charged while your subscription is on hold. You may also modify your pick-up day in account management. 

Communications – Root Cellar regularly communicates with you via email to inform you of account activity and alert you to important information related to your subscriptions. It is your responsibility to read and respond to emails in a timely manner. You can also reach us at or a sales associate during regular business hours at 573 443 5055. 

Cancellations Upon signing up, subscribers agree to a minimum of 4 boxes. Subscriptions will continue indefinitely until you notify us of account changes at You may cancel your subscription anytime, giving us at least 7 days' notice by calling 573 443 5055 or emailing If you need to suspend your subscription temporarily, you can schedule a long-term hold in your account management. 

Returning Your Box COVID-19 UPDATE Root Cellar is not currently taking Box Returns. Please return the box you receive your subscription in. Delivery customers will be credited to your account $5 for every tote returned in store or left at your delivery location. 

Privacy Policy – We do not sell, rent, or give our email list, customer list, or any personal /financial information to anyone. EVER!

Our Guarantee – Root Cellar guarantees our products for quality and freshness, and we pride ourselves on providing excellent customer service. If, for any reason, you are not happy, please get in touch with Chelsea at or call Root Cellar at 573 443 5055 for service. 

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