Eating locally, one week at a time

The Root Cellar offers three weekly local food subscription programs to make healthy, local eating convenient and affordable.

Spring/Summer Subscriptions are available to Mid-Missourians each week from April 7th through October 21st. You can sign up for a single box or combine the boxes to enjoy more local food products. To learn more about how the programs work visit our Food Box FAQs. You can set up your account and pay your deposit online ENROLL NOW

"It helps me make sure my family has local, fresh, nutritious food available each week. It is so convenient to make one stop each week and I then have a wonderful variety of the items we need. It also helps me keep variety of foods in our busy lives. The staff and owners of The Root Cellar do the “thinking” for me and help to educate and expose me to locally sourced food items."

--Susan, a Bounty and Barnyard Box subscriber


$40 Plus Tax


The Barnyard Box is the Root Cellar’s weekly solution for omnivores. Each week, participants can expect a half-gallon of local milk, a dozen farm-fresh eggs, two high-quality meat products and a handcrafted dairy item from around Missouri. Plus, we’ll provide helpful recipes and tips to make your weekly Barnyard Box experience more convenient.

$35 Plus Tax


The Ploughman’s Box is the Root Cellar’s tribute to the English Ploughman’s Lunch, which traditionally included a seasonal and hardy combination of meats, cheeses and vegetables. Each week, we will assemble four to six staple produce items, one classic meat item and and an additional artisan food item (such as handcrafted cheese, jams, fresh salsa, etc). The Ploughman’s Box is designed to provide the best of our popular Bounty and Barnyard boxes in quantities more accessible for smaller households and those who eat fewer meals at home.

$35 Plus Tax


The Bounty Box is the Root Cellar’s weekly local produce experience. Participation in the Bounty Box guarantees that you will receive eight to twelve of the freshest local produce items available. In each box you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, salad greens, apples, and turnips. Each week we include recipes and identify our farming partners so you know you have the best food available in mid-Missouri.

The Bounty Box

The Barnyard Box

The Ploughman's Box

Pictured: Kale, Tomatoes, Blackberries, Peaches, Zucchini, peppers and more!

Pictured: Pork Stew Meat, Trout, Legacy Gouda Cheese, Eggs, and Milk!

Pictured: head lettuce, Ground Beef, Gouda Cheese, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Green Beans and more!